The 4 most popular
upgrades in new apartments
might surprise you

August, 2017

The 4 most popular upgrades in
new apartments might surprise you

It can be exciting to be an apartment’s first owner and when you’re buying off the plan, there’s always the option of being able to upgrade some features. This opportunity to upgrade can not only make your apartment more stylish but it can make your life simpler as well. Everyone has a different checklist when it comes to key attributes that they’re looking for to upgrade in their homes but there a few features that are on apartment buyers’ wish lists: timber flooring, an integrated fridge, a stacker washer/dryer and blinds.

Sue Axlund is the interior design expert behind Capital Bluestone’s Esplanade project at Norwest Lake and says the best upgrades are the ones that add value to your home. “The best upgrades are always going to be the ones that are durable, useful and aesthetically pleasing. Ideally you want to choose upgrades that are going to last for a long time and will add to your resale value if you ever did decide to sell your property at any point in the future,” she says. Ms Axlund says in terms of popularity, timber floors are always a winner. “You can’t go wrong with timber floors – they’re universally liked and they value-add in the best possible way,” she says. “They look great and suit every aesthetic but they also add a bit of character. They’re also really easy to keep clean.”

Nick Turner is from leading architectural firm, Turner, who designed Esplanade and says careful thought was given to how to incorporate everyday appliances into the apartments in a way that didn’t compromise the design. “An integrated fridge really provides a cohesive and finished look to your space – it works with the surrounding cabinets to create a sleek, flush appearance,” he says. “It also takes the stress out of having to try and find a fridge exactly the right size to fit the space.” Mr Turner says that the traditional side-by-side installation of a washing machine and dryer was not ideal in apartments. So, a stackable washer and dryer is key to cut down on the footprint of your laundry appliances. “The laundry space is cleverly hidden away in a cupboard and a stackable washer and dryer simply takes up less space. This gives you more room to move around and to store your laundry and other household supplies,” he says. “We designed these apartments at Esplanade to have a resort-like atmosphere, which would be spoiled by seeing a washer and dryer sticking out in the middle of your living space,” Mr Turner says. “So, being able to have these appliances neatly stacked on top of each other and out of the way really adds to the relaxed ambience we’ve created.”

The final item on the wish list of upgrades is blinds and Ms Axlund says there are a myriad of reasons that they’ve found favour with apartment owners. “Blinds are neater than curtains - they give the space a cleaner look because they’re able to be mounted closer to the window, which emphasises the space in a room. They are also low-maintenance because they’re durable and easy to keep clean,” she says. “Blinds are also versatile in terms of design – they go with any colour palette or design scheme, which means if you change the look of a room, you won’t need to spend a fortune changing the window covering.” Mr Turner adds that blinds are popular because they let you control the amount of a light in a room. “At Esplanade for example, the apartments get terrific natural light and blinds let you make the most of this by controlling the amount of sunlight you let in according to the time of day or what you’re doing,” he says. “If you’re entertaining guests for lunch you probably want the sun freely coming in but if you’re trying to watch TV or use the computer, you may want to block it.”

Esplanade offers a range of apartment types and sizes to suit a wide range of purchasers, with future residents already made up of a great mix of first home buyers, families, investors, empty nesters and downsizers.

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