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About Esplanade Valuations

For over 15 years, Esplanade Valuations has been the premier provider of residential and commercial property valuation services in Sydney and Brisbane. Our team of highly experienced, licensed valuers delivers timely, accurate, and fully compliant valuations to inform our clients’ most important financial decisions regarding their distinctive real estate assets.
Our focus is on providing world-class valuation services for luxury homes, prestigious apartments, high-end land estates, and other specialised commercial properties across Sydney and Brisbane. By combining intimate local market knowledge with proprietary valuation methodologies, we establish authoritative fair market valuations that reflect the unique attributes of luxury real estate.
All of our valuations adhere to industry regulations and leading practices set forth by the Australian Property Institute (API) and the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC). We pride ourselves on producing comprehensive, credible valuation reports that provide clients with clarity, confidence, and peace of mind.
Behind our work is a team of personable, highly qualified experts committed to professionalism, objectivity, transparency and client service. We build lasting relationships by listening closely to understand each client’s specific situation and goals.
Whether you are looking to buy or sell a luxury residence, split assets for family law purposes, establish values for property taxes, secure lending, or require a valuation for any other need, you can rely on Esplanade Valuations for authoritative, strategic guidance regarding your most valuable real estate assets. Contact us today to learn more about our specialised luxury and commercial property valuation services.