5 tips that will make
your apartment the
envy of your friends

July, 2017
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5 tips that will make your apartment the envy of your friends

Everyone enjoys living in a beautiful space, whether it’s a gorgeous living room, modern kitchen or peaceful balcony garden. And part of the appeal of having a beautiful home is seeing how others react to it. We all know what a big difference the little things can make – from a custom cabinet to a simple pot plant. So, in the quest to turn your friends green with envy, try these five simple tips to beautify your space.

1. Cushions

There’s a reason the good old throw pillow is so ubiquitous. They can do wonders in terms of transforming your space or adding a bit of colour. Sue Axlund is the interior design genius behind Capital Bluestone’s Esplanade project and says the humble cushion can make a world of difference. “Not only does it make a style statement but it has the ability to change the entire feel of a room. Opt for a bright colour or bold pattern that’s going to stand out from a neutral couch,” she says.

2. Keep it clean

According to Sue, clutter is never a good look – especially in an apartment. Keeping bench spaces and floor areas clear lends a sense of calm that others will covet and admire. “Too many things lying around can change the whole mood of a space,” she says. “It can feel claustrophobic to have clutter everywhere you look. You’ll also be surprised at how much bigger your apartment can look once you’ve cleared some extra space.”

3. Customise it

Apartments come in all shapes and sizes and a great way to personalise a space and really make your mark is with some custom cabinetry. “There’s a whole range of options when it comes to cabinets,” says Sue. “You can get a built-in desk, TV cabinet or any other shelving that not only looks great but can also solve storage issues. It’s also a great way of demonstrating your creative nous.”

4. A touch of greenery

Sue says greenery can give a home a sense of life and vibrancy. “Plants are a great way of complementing your interiors,” she says. “An indoor plant can add some colour to a room or provide a bit of interest.” “But equally as important is the greenery in your outdoor area or balcony. There are so many options when it comes to garden balconies – from vertical gardens to herb gardens,” says Sue.

5. Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you have a smaller area or space that you’d like to make look bigger, a mirror can create the illusion of more room. “Not only do they make a space appear larger but they’re also a great way to make the most of natural light,” says Sue. “Mirrors can also be a beautiful decorative feature – there’s a range of different frames, styles and shapes to suit almost any space.”



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