The art of moving

July, 2020

Like a great master applying oil to canvas, moving house takes planning, vision and a commitment to the end result.

Whether you’re a moving maestro or new to the game, there are some simple ways to ensure the moving process doesn’t leave you wanting to cut off an ear.

If you’ve bought off the plan into a community like Esplanade Norwest, the steps to a smooth move should be well communicated by the developer.

Look out for emails and notifications about organising your pre-settlement inspection, get sign off on your finance, set a time to pick up your keys and home manual and book your move-in day (noting that some of these steps take a little more pre-planning in our new socially distanced world).

With developer Aoyuan International and sales agent and strata manager PRD Norwest now delighted to be helping the first residents settle into Esplanade Norwest, here are their real-life tips for a smooth move.

1. Be prepared

“Start packing months before the move,” says Karen Green who recently moved into a new 3-bed apartment at Esplanade Norwest with her dog Zena and grown up grandchildren. “Do a little every day so it’s not a mad rush at the last minute. Just have things you are using unpacked until a few days before. Then have it all ready to go when the removalists arrive.”

2. Declutter your life

If there ever was a time to summon your inner Marie Kondo and be strict about what you really want and need in your new home, it’s now. Don’t just box everything up and tell yourself you’ll sort it out when you get there. You won’t.

3. Book in your removalist and move-in day

Strata Manager Shadi Sysan from PRD Norwest says Esplanade’s facilities have coped well with the volume of residents moving in. “This has been greatly assisted with the use of the Waterpoint Building Management app, which has allowed residents to book in the loading dock and lifts to ensure a smooth and controlled move in.”

4. Connect your utilities

This might sound achingly obvious but it’s not something you want to overlook. Although some of the utility services have already been connected at Esplanade, residents need to establish accounts in their own name at least a few days prior to moving in

5. Keep calm (and drink tea)

On moving day there are bound to be some tense moments and the first few nights in your new home might feel a little strange, but the more organised you are, the smoother it will be. “Keep the dog calm,” says Karen. Better yet pack the dog/cat/children/grandma off to a friend for a couple of days. Above all else Karen says it’s important to “make sure you know where the kettle, milk and tea is”.

6. Get your property tenant-ready

If you’re an investor, your focus might not be on the dog, but it’s still important to be well organised. Lynette Guest and Zoe Dickson from PRD Norwest’s property management team advise landlords to check the property is clean throughout and all essential services are in working order. Now is also the time to complete all necessary certificates e.g. smoke alarms, water efficiency and adequate landlord insurance.

7. Look out for your new neighbours

Moving can be a tense time, but, with patience and planning, stress can be minimised. PRD Norwest Associate Director Adam Bragg says residents should remember that everyone is experiencing some stress due to the added complication of COVID-19 at this time. “Considering others and being patient has probably never been more important,” he says. “But for our residents there is also confidence in the fact they’re moving into Norwest’s newest landmark.”

8. Keep your eye on the prize

Shadi says he has seen firsthand how residents are “blown away by the facilities” on offer at Esplanade including the pool and spa. After downsizing from a large 5-bedroom house, Karen and Zena are now reaping the rewards of their new easy lifestyle. “There are no lawns to take care of. No bins to take out each week. Just the beautiful view and surrounding features.” Bliss

9. Spread the word

Once you have moved, show off your new apartment and tell the world (or just the important family, friends, organisations and associations) your new address. Now start enjoying happy times and making lasting memories in your new home!

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